From 2019

… and one day the phone call regarding the request for a butchery arrived … ideas were immediately formed in these butchers’ shops, cold, coated with granites of various colors and above all decorated in red, with red images, red writing, red bows … in short, the hyper representation of the color that represents the flesh.

Once the young owner was known, a dialogue aimed at innovation, a new image of the butcher’s business, and the desire to get out of the pattern with which you normally see this type of shop was immediately established.

We started thinking about a shop that would highlight the meat displayed on the counter, the beautiful color of the white parts of the fresh meat, and the fact that the meat has a soft shape. And here the shop began to take shape. From the sales area you can, through a window, observe the butcher at work while preparing the “ready to cook” and ready meals, you can observe the operations and products used.

The black counter is inserted in a room characterized by a pure white wall, the other gray (color to bring out the red), the white ceiling and the two-tone light gray and white stone effect floor. To remember the softness of the meat we have designed a sinuous ceiling curve that is reflected in the one on the ground that demarcates the change in color of the floor. A particularity is given by the fact that the first tiles that are located at the entrance from the street are the white ones, which have a greater roughness than the others to protect customers from possible falls due to wet shoes for the rain. Another feature is that the colors intensify proceeding towards the back wall, at the entrance, therefore, the room is very bright and clear and is characterized in depth. The choice of materials went towards a traditional image of meat processing, therefore stone-effect tiles, steel and glass for the display of products.

The touch of color, however, could not be missing and therefore, in addition to the butchers’ uniforms, a white and red plasterboard structure was inserted, but not a common red, it is a cold dark red. The entire environment has been illuminated with both direct and indirect lights that come from the false ceiling or the back of the red structure.

The butcher is accompanied by a very important back complete with processing laboratories, cells and kitchen.

For us it was the clear example of communion between the “past and tradition”, the work of the butcher, and the future, the presentation of this work in a more modern key.