Who am I? Well … what about me … I’m Barbara Sembianti! Pragmatic, scientific, a bit ‘crazy and …

I was born in Torino in 1978 by wonderful parents who taught me the value of culture, history and science, so to allow me to set an important link with the sophisticated hometown, a Torino where all these features have developed over the years.

I enrolled and graduated from Politecnico di Torino, in the period of what had been called ‘old system’ that is the system that contemplated a five-year study to become an architect-urban planner.

During the period of university I cooperated with a colleague who taught me legislation importance, the contact with Public and complete presentation of the practices. This last aspect becomes essential to develop sensitivity concerning the communication and the belief that architecture is suitable for those who want to experience an environment and not to suffer it.

Once graduated I joined the Order of Architects of the Province of Torino, while I continued my studies and obtained two specializations: first in bio-architecture and second for the design for the countries in the developing world.

During this time, thanks to the skills and to all the journeys made in the world having contacts with the most different cultures, I moreover rationalized the importance of the project development with the customer, who has his own culture, his own history and a series of needs that can be different from person to person.

On the basis of all these aspects I opened the studio L’AB in 2007, creating a network system with a team of colleagues in order to provide the customer with a complete service and quality that make the customer the true “fulcrum” of the project activity. The projects, indeed, are carried out as if they were as tailored dresses.

Since 2008 I started to give lectures of ecological design, sustainability, and wood design throughout northern Italy; I published some articles, both in construction matters and tax, and I began one of the longest routes to date: the close cooperation with the University of Thermal Engineering in Grenoble (France) with which I face in sustainable projects and energy conservation studies, research and development; from 2014 I also started teaching sessions for the conceptualization of passive buildings. From 2014 I also began to be followed by students of Polytechnic of Torino.



To complete my professional activities in 2010 I also began consultings for some construction companies thanks to which I began to see construction world under a different perspective: not only the professional one and the construction management, but also the work effective implementation and the related difficulties.

And then … finally … who am I? I am the L’AB STUDIO’s founder, which exists not only thanks to me but also thanks to all employees who daily work conscientiously, in synchronization and fairness in order to protect the customer and accompany him in the realization of his work.