<< We study the balances to design “universal” environments >>

<< There are places that, although hosting thousands of people, have the ability to make people feel “at home” and to “relax” anyone. In the commercial sphere, the more people feel at home on a well-structured path, the more they stop. >>

arch. Barbara SEMBIANTI

Our aim, therefore, is to create, within a commercial environment, a “journey”, a continuous discovery that surprised the visitor and let him stop, predisposing him to the enjoyment of the area. The search for psychological comfort, what we can find when we are in contact with nature, is however linked to innovative studies, to a continuous development of research and development sessions carried out by L’AB STUDIO to bring continuous updating in the design of the commercial environment also taking inspiration from foreign experiences.

It is no longer a matter of organizing the simple layout, organizing the spaces according to the shelves, but it is a question of conceiving the environment as a whole (space and shelves) according to the visitors.

Shopping Centers and Supermarkets are places where the commercial proposal is diversified and very large, in order not to bore the customer, nor even suffocate it in an “overbooking” of image, we design Structures that exploit this diversity of products creating similar paths to a journey that is renewed as you walk.

The project path we propose is developed following the steps of the “construction cycle” of the 5 elements of Feng Shui:

Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water


Step 1: WOOD
It represents something that begins, that grows and develops

For the operation to be successful, it must have solid roots, for this reason we first propose the following services:

  • Building-planning checks
  • Hygienic-sanitary checks
  • Verification of any existing documents in case of acquisition of buildings and activities already started
  • Checks for possible changes of use and parking
  • Land registry checks
  • Preliminary checks for fire prevention practices


Fase 2: FIRE
It symbolizes light, dynamism, energy and strength.

Before starting the project we outline all the desire, the objectives, the “sensations” that we want to transmit the environment we will create. What do we ask? To actively participate in the choices in order to apply our basic principle: the “participated” design by the customer so that the result is in your image.

This phase aims at innovation:

  • Research and Development for the most demanding customers who want to independently dictate the future of their business. This can be of a technical / scientific nature for state-of-the-art constructions (with studies directed to the structural part of the building and to the thermal environment) or of image (for those who want an ad hoc format)
  • Technical-economic feasibility study of the operation
  • Conception of specific communication and coordinated image


Fase 3: EARTH
It remember stability and balance, it represents recollection.

After the focus of the definition of the objectives that generated a feasibility project, this must be concretized in the realization of the complete technical project. For this phase we can follow you at 360 degrees in the design of supermarkets and shopping centers:

  • architectural projects, including bioclimatic ones
  • interior design projects complete with layout
  • structural projects
  • projects of electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration and special systems
  • Projects and audits
  • Lighting projects
  • Fire Prevention Projects
  • Land register’s practices
  • ASL’s practices
  • Bureaucratic procedures / requests for permits for institutions

With the project in your hands you can implement a real control over expenses and suppliers.


Fase 4: METAL
It remember hardness, rigidity, tenacity, strength and determination

Each project is aimed at the construction phase. Sometimes it scares you, but … do not worry, we can monitor the companies you choose with:

  • Works management / Project Management
  • Safety on the construction site
  • Occupation requests for public land
  • Work schedules with time schedule and consultation with companies
  • Application of control protocols of the various operating companies
  • Request for usability of the places / end of work’s practices

It is no longer necessary to imagine doing the work only if it is entrusted to a single large enterprise that realizes “turnkey, but you can rely on artisans and small businesses that are coordinated by the Works Management.


Fase 5: WATER
Identified with richness and abundance, it is an element that refreshes.

For the opening of your shopping center or supermarket you can not miss the practices that are directly related to the commercial world:

  • Licenses for sale
  • Special sale licenses
  • Alcohol licenses
  • Licenses for administration
  • TARI / TARSU communication
  • Energy Performance Certificates (ex ACE)
  • Signboard licenses