So close to Piazza Castello, at Bertola 31/1 street, a new coffee shop has just been opened, managed by a new, young, dynamic and determined staff. For these guys we designed something that could be in line with their needs and with the customer’s type they planned to direct the activity. Therefore, we have worked in order to modernize the place and especially to give it personality.

L’AB STUDIO has worked following the design of the internal image, that of the spaces arrangement and the study of functions. The aim was to realize a design project according to the needs of our client, to the location, in the center of Turin, and to the function of the coffee shop. These elements drove us to choose a palette of colors which were as much as possible confortable and welcoming, thus selecting the traditional colors of the city, which is famous for its chocolate. Shades of brown, from the stronger to the lighter, and of a pure white, envelop a customer who decide to stop here to take a coffee. Among the large amount of shades, we chose those that combine the colors of coffee and cappuccino, so… as a result of an in-depth chromatic study. The spaces were designed in order to be adaptable for any moment of the day: the counter for busy people, a space with chairs and tables facing to the dynamic Bertola street, a lounge area, more private, where it is possible to enjoy a break, and finally a shelf with high stools, that can be converted into a buffet area for the happy hour.