In 2019 the entire arrivals floor of Caselle airport was renewed, with this in mind the complete construction of the new CRAI store which has the great task of greeting visitors by welcoming them to the city of Turin. The project was carried out in an area with an unhappy shape, but we used the oldest architectural perspective tricks, applied everywhere, to try to regulate the space by giving the idea of a much deeper area than what is not it is larger, less tall and more pleasant. The L’AB STUDIO has decided to strongly characterize the environment with the images of the city of Turin, all processed with a single graphic dialogue system, one above all dominates the shop and is a photo of Piazza San Carlo, 3m high and 12m long. To further increase the perspective game, very special lights were used to play on the illusion that the street lamps in the photo really illuminate. Also in this context, the new format designed by us for the CUOR of CRAI has been applied, as well as our project for the new CRAI sign which is dressed in white, but shows the typical green color of the sign as a luminous reflection of the LEDs that shine around the word CRAI. What did we focus on? On honoring the elegance of the city and trying to propose it also in this space.


The honour of having worked in a mansion designed by architect Antonelli was equal to the responsibility of making justice to the building which for years was concealed by accretions and renovations of all kinds. The project was prompted by the desire to bring to light, in the hall, the existing vaults, work done on Sundays, during the months before the construction.
Since the aim was to create a supermarket as elegant as a sitting room, we chose the Torino palette colours, light gray, dark gray and light yellow.
The whole supermarket has been planned and designed in every detail following the Law of Elegance; therefore also the photo that dominates the entrance, representing Vittorio Veneto Square, near to the store only few steps.
The biggest challenge was the execution time. Since the closing day, the work of dismantling and of load-bearing structures demolition, the emptying of all goods and equipment, the complete reconstruction, the furnishing with shelves and counters, the filling with products and the details took less then 3 weeks. This fantastic result was allowed thanks to wonderful customers and to truly capable workers.


Trying to describe this project, which began in February 2015, we can only say that everything was born in the most traditional way: a complete project with all the proposals of standard organizzation, study and application of colouring related to the format.
But along the way the project has changed. A better customer’s acquaintance, his strong connection with nature and his willingness to have a “full of character” store, has brought forth a very peculiar project.
First the use of earth tones, from the common soil colour to the colour of mud, combinations that may seem unlikely, and instead have given the place to an unique colour. The further bond with Nature has been searched in materials.
References to the wood in different parts of the store, from the floor where fruit and vegetables are sold, to the fruit and vegetables and wine sale structures, to the benches, to the photographs that riproduce backgrounds where wood is master. Everything was pakaged to make live the visitor a special journey, creating continuous changes of scenery as if the path were developing among different environments, making it less boring. The purpose was to let the visitor remain as long as possibile within the store.
And as regarding to the construction site? Length of time, start and end, in 3 weeks.


The project of this supermarket, begun in 2015, started from the necessity of the customer that specifically requested a peculiar store, suitable to represent biological world refinement and particularly demanding customers in terms of production quality.
The features and the peculiar historical context, due both to the building where it is located and to the neighborhood, gave us the opportunity to propose , among all the possibilities, a store in chocolate colours (from dark chocolate used for the shelves and some walls, to hazelnut and white of the other walls) enriched in some point by images joined to the expected impact, and other images representing area architecture.
Again we have been able to mantein the promise to end in very short time, because even in this case, from the emptying day to the inauguration, we employed about 3 weeks, working in the month of August. Great fortune to have a fantastic customer.


Being in front of a space to be restored that brings with it the strong connotation of a strongly characterizing trapezoidal geometric shape, it was for us at L’AB STUDIO a great and exciting challenge.

For this supermarket, thanks to an all female phenomenal clients, to the proposal of several projects and following the management of the Works Management, in addition to following the companies in the choices, L’AB STUDIO has been able to experience total attention to detail and in especially for the reception area the study of color in association with the context of the sales area.

In this case the frame of the sales area has assumed a strong character, visible also from the street, and characterized by a dark brown color with a liberty white sitting area; from the entrance you access the real sales area studied in every detail and with hints to FORMAT CRAI.


It all started from here …
when in 2012 we had the opportunity to design and follow the works for complete renovation and expansion of this supermarket.
The works, to say the least, had been very impressive, and “surprises” during works execution had been important, but with the help of the property that has been with us in the choices, with professional workers and suppliers who have adapted and provided the materials even after changes at the last minute, all this has become possible.
Also this case has seen the demolition of large structural parts, the costruction of others, fine finishes, retiled floors and complete empting and filling of the premises in just 3 weeks.


The Spotorno sale point had been very neglected, but after the restructuring and, despite a not nice form, the supermarket has entirely changed look.
Shelves have been removed from before the windows to an height of 140 cm, so as to allow viewing from outside the inside of the supermarket.