SPA and thermal baths


Touristic reception









In 2015 L’AB STUDIO carried out a feasibility analysis dedicated to a farmhouse in Bergamo province that during a weather event suffered very serious damages.
The owner, forced to renovate the property, initially thought to allocate it to reception activities, then to improve the offer with a structure SPA THERMAL BATHS with all the comforts, lounges for lunches also usable for private events and swimming pools.

    The project has been examined along with dott. Beltrame specially for the study of esternal areas, of the impact on landscape and hydraulic system.

    The project proposed paths based on the five senses, in order to resonate with everybody, allowing everyone to relax in the most suitable way to their personality.
    The structure was conceived to accomodate people of all types of mobility and age. Relating the pools the path has been designed so that every visitor can pass from inside to outside remaining immersed in hot water if he wants to avoid risks of cooling. The paths of the pools are within the glazed structures serving as winter gardens, so even in winter they can store heat from sun, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing area.
    Inside, instead, 5  paths develop in different ways:

    • Auditive – with rooms devoted to relax, listening to music, even in water.
    • Tactile- with the room dedicated to tactility, to a variety of materials, their rough or smooth or cold or warm effect, so every person can concentrate on the perceptions, removing stress.
    • Visual- with rooms offering  various lighting effects, distinguished between cold and warm colours, proposed both in  showers and in  saunas.
    • Olfactory- based on aromatherapy use. There have been proposed rooms with various aromas, hay sauna and a salt cave.
    • Gustatory  -The taste will be satisfied in the tasting area at the restaurant and at the buffet, with the “chef” that offer daily culinary experiences.