2007 – today

One of the areas closest to us is that of the residential design. But why this fondness? Becouse it enables us to deal with a journey in which the customer is trying to create his own World , through the perfection of detail and the comfort of the rooms. For the designer this type of design is particularly tricky, but the personal growth alongside so many personalities is secure.
In this case the complexity of restructuring is primarily governed by the  unknown, linked to surprises that can appear during the demolitions; but seeing reborn an obsolete property, no longer suitable  to the new demands, is like watching every time the birth of the Phoenix.
To date the L’AB STUDIO has already carried out more than 35 complete renovations, even in old buildings, and below on display you will find a few examples.


A young and reserved client. With the complete project of his apartment we have tried to grasp its characteristic features and to re-propose them with architectural language. Each environment carries within itself refinement, particularity and hides small secrets. For the living area with open-plan kitchen, for example, we have designed a TV stand that allows you to enjoy the TV from different angles in an optimal way. The disengagement, an environment too often considered only in passing, has been enriched by a ceiling image of a bamboo forest, with lights arranged to simulate sunlight, and a closet designed and built in plasterboard to adapt to the small size of the room . The result? A truly “tailor-made” project created for the client and with him because L’AB STUDIO strongly believes in the fact that architecture is part of those who live it, and those who live it are part of architecture.


The project that has been achieved has required great respect for the memory of these places and a great desire to insert unespected elements that gave a new sprint to the environments.
It is a house of travelers, a family that wanted to mix ancient forniture elements with modern elements and with ornaments that come from all over the world. The incredible mix of tastes you experience, room by room , particular colours, forms that develop from walls to ceilings … in short … every corner of this house communicates its peculiar richness, with an intensity of which is capable only history, coupled with a modern communicative approach.


This project is among the most intense we followed, thanks to the wonderful family for whom it was intended the apartment. Originally this property was unmanageable, with dark rooms, small and only one bathroom that was not enough for the large family. The work was complete: from the demolition of all internal walls, floors and coatings, replacement of fixtures and reconstruction according to a new distribution.
This project was completed by the study for the interior design, for which the furnishings were totally redone.


This restructuring has developed into an elegant apartment and completed by demolition and then reconstruction. The peculiarity of this restructuring was to create a dialogue between the “new” and an existing refined style. The familys attention was drawn to the finishing materials and colours that would have accompanied their children’s growth. For this reason the rooms have also been strongly characterized by the colour on the ceilings, using the tones to emphasize the stucco.


Also this apartment has seen the complete renovation of the rooms, including demolition. The peculiar taste of the owners allowed us to embark on extravagant ideas regarding finishes and colours. The bathrooms are just a small example.


An other complete renovation, with sharp customers and a thousand ideas. Also in this case, in addition to the study of the usability of the rooms and to the demolitions, the focus has been pointed on the choice of finishes in a gres floor of sure effect of very pleasant wooden planks. Being the bathroom a bit small we considered the project for long and the final choice, even the finishing, allowed us to achieve an especially comfortable space.


The peculiarity of this total renovation was definitely the bathroom tiling. The customer chose a tile 10 x 10, with a series of shades in lilac, put in a estremely random way.
Naturally, to recognize the shades of the tiles, to avoid the stain effect, we had to use photographic systems to see the colours in a better way.


Following are some of the renders that we propose to facilitate the customer’s choices.