The motto of HOME STAGING is:

L’AB STUDIO embraced the philosophy of HOME STAGING with great joy!
The purposes of home staging can be different: from creating the photographic set for advertising, through, for example, a website, one’s own work, a project, … to selling a property in the shortest possible time. This last aspect is certainly the one for which this study is most applied.
Everything is based on the fact that we try to show the environment by proposing a level of attention to detail that makes it possible for the observer to mentally enrich the space with what is his thought, his “dream” of how that space could live. In fact, an attempt is made to originate the “love at first sight” between the property and the buyer.
The stimulating feature of this type of project is that there is no home staging like the other; in order to make sense, the expense for the realization of the set must be very low (better if done with what you already have), you must try to adapt to the type of property object of the project and the type of clientele to which it can aim, it must seek to create the dream, but without excessive personality, in short, the “psychological” and “sales psychology” basis is very very present.
One of the aspects that we have loved in this area is the ETHICS component that we are called to respect, that is, the fact that the project must be HONEST, or … it is fine to make a room beautiful by showing it as if it were for a “fashion show”, but if the property has defects (such as spots of humidity, etc …), the visitor must be able to see the problem.
Ultimately … they are projects where you have to spend a little, get involved, transform the environment, give a message and maintain correctness towards the visitor / buyer … it is a kind of design Rebus.

Among the projects followed, one in particular is close to our heart: a villa in Trento, between vineyards and mountains, a fairytale place. The complexity of this intervention was found at several levels: from the truly important size of the property, therefore the containment of the intervention costs of Home Staging was fundamental, some signs of age evident and to be maintained in terms of ethics and to end a target customer singular.
And here’s how we solved some of the rooms in the villa before it was placed on the real estate market:


And here are some other images following the work.