2000 – 2017

Sometimes architects deal with design and fashion. In our case, it all started when many years ago a customer asked us for the design of an “Egyptian” style gold jewel. We have faced the design of jewelry with the same spirit with which we design the architecture: we want to design YOUR jewel, unique, no longer repeatable and that is for you as a personalized perfume.

The jewels that we have created for customers who wanted to delineate their image in a decisive way are so personal that they will not be published, so you will find a very small selection.


This pendant represents the unconditional love of a mother for her daughter. That mother had bought three Indian amethysts, one of which was heart-shaped. Analyzing with the client the message she wanted to leave, a delicate gold pendant with scrolls arose. The symbolism underlying the design finds its foundation in the desire to represent with this form the family, its vicissitudes and the sweetness of love.


In many cultures, white color represents “change”. The “Frozen” set has been designed as a very sophisticated set of beads and pearls of river and already from the shape, with a tie-tie attachment, and then with the color wants to convey the idea of change and of the particularity. Surely it is not a set to dress every day, but the light that gives is very close to the white light that in the collective imagination is associated with an expanse of ice.


This ring has the ability to “hug” the finger with its volutes in yellow gold. The desired was to create a firm point on the finger, strong, vigorous but at the same time that seemed to be in the dynamic phase of training. It is a ring that from its rather “primitive” oval center develops in every direction with its curvature similar to a path in Chinese gardens.


Oh yes … we have designed jewels for men too. The most particular piece of jewelery was the reinterpretation in yellow gold and caucciu’ of the Texan tie. In this case the play between sandblasted gold and polished gold made it possible to differentiate between the initials of the client’s first and last name. The two tips are also in gold.


A little ‘mystery is always useful … and why not include in a jewel all our history, the fundamental sides of our character, or the aspects that we want to remember? This jewel is more personal than ever, has the ability to tell ourselves through a symbolic system accessible to the few and especially to the most attentive. Three points is an extremely three-dimensional jewel, has the ability to escape from the schemes and give the wearer a hidden charm.